Commission A Photo Shoot

There are many things to consider when commissioning a golf course photo shoot, a few of the Fork in the Roadpoints are listed below and are very important in both the short term and long term when shooting your property. As the wise sage Yogi Berra once said, "When you come to a fork in the road - take it."  What he meant is that when you come to a decision in life - make it. Perhaps these points below might guide you on that path.

Does the Photographer understand Golf?   There is a huge difference between a prom and landscape photographer, that's easy to understand. But there is still another big difference between a landscape artist who may create a beautiful image on the course and a golf photographer who shoots a true 'golf shot' as they too are very different. Golf experince is key. I have seen many beautiful shots of a pond reflecting a near-by mountain, but no green and flag. That is just not going to work as a 'golf' image.

Is the Photographer networked in the Golf Community?   If you have any hope of becoming a cover of a magazine, books, calendars and posters, then your golf photographer had better be networked. We get asked every month and sometimes weekly by golf publications and others for golf images. The greatest wedding photographer or well intentioned club member at the country club is NOT getting calls to supply golf images to publications. This is an important difference, we are very well known by all media and work hard to get your images into print.

Do you 'Own the Images' when Done?  Many photographers charge you a fee for the current project you hire them for and then retain ownership of the images. They then charge you again to use of these images for future projects - that is very common. Nearly all photographers will charge magazines to publish their photographs of your property. Both of these are common practices for photographers to have cash flow.

We simply do NOT work this way - we charge once and you own them. At the end you will get a 24/7 online portfolio here on this website free of charge for viewing and downloads. In addition, we provide you with a portable hard drive of all the top high resolution images from the shoot in both RAW and color adjusted JPEG's. These are yours, with copyright release - use them as much as you like. It is the right thing to do. You are also free to suppy magazines with these images of your facility to print at no charge. This is a much better system for your golf course and investment of your time and money.

What is Covered in the Shoot?  This is very important as after the photographer is gone, you are going to tell a story with the images. Many photographers will deliver 12- 15 of the best images from the shoot for you to use - that is great. However, there are 18 holes on the course - how are you going to create a full online hole by hole tour with that? You have clubhouses, practice areas, driving ranges, pools, tennis courts, beautiful entry ways, and outdoor dining decks. All of these areas are part of your overall story for brochures, media stories and websites. The limited photo shoot, while it sounds OK, it just does not meet your needs in the long term.

Our shoot covers not only all 18 holes in BOTH the morning and afternoon light, (very important difference) but we cover every aspect of your facility. As a full-service Golf Ad Agency, our team actually builds the brochures and websites here in our office. We need all of these images to help tell your story, we know what to shoot. We deliver hundreds of images from every photo shoot. This is a huge difference in getting the most value out of your photo shoot.

Full Time vs. Part Time Photographer?  We have been in busines since the late '80's, exclusively in the golf industry. We serve all types of courses from Municipal to Private plus the builders, architects and vendors in the industry. We meticulously archive your images against loss or damage to protect and backup your set of images. This is what we do, we have been there for our clients in the past and we will be here for you in the future. Part-time people move on in life, and your images are gone. We are very happy with our life and business. We are going to be here for you now and in the future.Focus Poster

A Full Service Agency.  It has been said, "Image is Everything", we believe in about 90% of that statement as without quality images, your story is very tough to tell. However, images need a forum, sometimes that is the media but most times it is your efforts to show your property via captivating brochures, ad campaigns, outstanding websites, digital displays, trade show booths and more. We make those items for our clients. We are only successful if you are successful. Working with one agency who actually "gets it" vs. a cast of independent contractors is a very sound and financially smart practice. See for more information.

Awards and Honors.  Awarded first place as the "Golf Marketing Company of the Year" - "Golf Photographer of the Year" - “Print Campaign of the Year” and "Digital Campaign of the Year" multiple times by multiple agencies such as; Boardroom Magazine, International Network of Golf, Crittenden and Independent Golf Awards, we continue to strive for excellence in photography, design and execution of unique marketing plans. We understand golf and how to market golf.

John is also a highly sought as a speaker for the golf industry, he has presented at all major golf associations’ national seminars, PGA, CMAA, NGCOA, GCSAA plus multiple regional educational retreats and private seminars such as Crittenden and others. He speaks on the power of branding, presentation in print and online, image creation and loyalty programs.

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